The Mouldmaker provides a service to any client wishing to produce or reproduce small or medium sized items in white metal or high quality English pewter by the means of spincasting in to vulcanised silicon rubber moulds

The possibilities for the reproduction of small parts or whole pieces are almost endless, and might include scale models of all sorts from Railway engines and scale scenics to battleships or board-game components. Casting is an ideal method for the manufacture off miniature soldiers of all scales, or jewellery and pin broaches.

So for all your white metal components or high quality “English pewter” requirements The Mouldmaker will provide a personal, private and professional service to all.

About Me

The Mouldmaker is owned and run by Peter V. Brown, a professional Master Mouldmaker with over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of scale models and jewellery.

My career has included working for some of the largest and most respected organisations in the Wargaming and fantasy gaming markets, including over 2 years at “Games Workshop” the world’s most successful fantasy and science fiction game manufacturer.

The highlight of my career was 2 years spent as the Master Mouldmaker at “Wargames Foundry” working with the best miniature designers and sculptors in Europe such as Mark Copplestone, Kevin Adams, Steve Saleh, Norman Swales and Alan and Michel Perry.

Also I have worked for other such companies as “Icon Miniatures”, “Bailey’s Pewter”, “Tabletop Games”, ”Alternative Armies” now trading as “Crescent City Industries” and “Harlequin Miniatures”, in the capacity as Master Mouldmaker, either in house or freelance

Ancient and Medieval history, Model making and painting, all manner of games (Wargaming, Boardgames and role-playing), I have a keen interest in gardening and passion for football, both as a spectator and player.

In my career I have been employed by small and medium sized organisations, which has equipped me with a wide range of skills and qualities, I am a strongly self-motivated individual with good leadership ability and an inquiring and analytical mind. I work well as part of a team and am a good listener and will follow instructions. I have always been keen to learn and expand my area of expertise. I have qualifications in business based Information Technology, and Inter-personal Management.

The Casting and moulding process

Centrifugal or spin casting is a simple and efficient method of reproducing a wide range off small and medium sized parts or whole pieces in white metal or high quality “English pewter”.

Hot metal alloys are poured in to spinning rubber moulds, which give an exact reproduction off the original or “master” model. The Castings made by this method are high detailed and need very little or no cleaning or fettling to reach a stage where they may be packaged ready for retail sale.

Spin casting can be equally effective in the production of small numbers of pieces (less than 50) or to larger bulk runs, thousands of identical items can be made from 1 original.

The centrifugal casting requires precision mould s for maximum efficient production. Moulds are made in 1 off 2 ways either they are “Mastermoulds” containing 1caverty off each piece made from an original sculpted “Master”, or they may be “production moulds” containing many caverties of the same or similar models, these multiple caverties are created from the castings from the “Mastermoulds”

Original “master sculptings” can be made from a wide verity of materials including most high melting point metals alloys (Brass Tin Copper some white metals), modelling putties such as Milliput or Kneadlite “greenstuff”. Masters can be created in combinations off materials and be many varieties of size or shape. Masters need to be well made but can have some undercutting and extremities which would not be suitable for other mould processes.“The Mouldmaker” takes every precaution to protect the copyright of all work under taken, and will respect the copyright of any individual or Organisation. “The Mouldmaker” will not breach copyright if any doubt can be shown.